Friday, October 29, 2010

New Amtrak Locomotives - Get 'em While the Going's Good

Amtrak has now awarded a contract for 70 new electric locomotives to the German concern, Siemens AG.;filename=Amtrak_ATK-10-141a_Amtrak_Electric_Locos_Release.pdf

Obviously, Amtrak is concerned that there will be a few "Restricting" signals on the Right of Way come November 3 (or later; depending on how many contested elections will have to be addressed).

Finally, begging the reader's and site owner's pardon, allow me to "go political". I can well recall 1960 Kennedy-Nixon; at that time that one 'was as close as they came" and along with suggestions of vote fraud (reportedly here in Chicago, a few corpses made like Lazarus and found their way to the polls). The loser, Nixon, when it was suggested the results be challenged, simply said "no, for the good of the country".

Doubt if "post Gorebushoff", or otherwise Bush v. Gore , 531 U.S. 98 (2000), such will occur again.

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