Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plans Revealed for Metro North Service to Meadowlands

The Railfan Window Blog has details about Metro North's planned service to New York Giant and Jet football games, which is slated to begin in August. Two trains from New Haven and one from Stamford will run to Secaucus Junction, where passengers will transfer to a shuttle train running from Hoboken Terminal to Giants Stadium. The three return trains will run through to New Haven.

The trains will use NJ Transit rolling stock and locomotives because Metro North equipment is incompatible with the power system used on Amtrak-owned portions of the Northeast Corridor line the NJ Transit operates over. West of Penn Station, the trains will operate as regular NJ Transit schedules, continuing onto Trenton, Dover or Long Branch.

The service is a historic "first" for regional rail in the New York region. It marks the first regional rail trains to operate through New York rather than terminate there. In addition, the football specials will be the first regional rail service over the Hellgate Bridge, which heretofore has been used exclusively for intercity rail and freight.


  1. Ellis,

    Thanks for linking to my blog post. One small correction though - the MTA website says service starts this August, not this Sunday.

  2. Oops! Corrected. Thanks for pointing out the error. I guess I'm already anticipating football season even though we haven't gotten through Opening Day for baseball yet.

  3. It's a shame! I tried to read your post, but there's a huge banner in front of my screen and I can't take it off! I already closed the window and opened it again and it won't work... anyway, I hope you can fix it because everything here is an important issue for me. 2j3j