Sunday, March 15, 2009

Group Fights for Gun Rights on MARTA

As a veteran New York commuter, the thought of allowing passengers to carry guns on trains is terrifying. [Think Bernie Goetz, Colin Ferguson.] Yet down in Atlanta a pro-gun group is trying to secure the right to bear arms aboard MARTA trains. WAGA-TV reports the group, known as, contends one of its members was illegally stopped by transit police when they realized he was carrying a gun in a train station.

The same group recently tried, unsucessfully, to force Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to allow guns in unsecured areas.

"The legal feud erupted when a new state law took effect in July that allows people with gun permits to carry guns into restaurants and state parks and on public transportation.

Atlanta officials quickly declared the airport a "gun-free zone" and warned that anyone carrying a gun there would be arrested. sued the city and the airport, claiming the airport qualifies as public transportation under the new state law."

In all likelihood this case, too, will wind up in the courts. If it does, it is not clear who would prevail. Nevertheless, the fact that the Georgia legislature enacted such a law tells us a lot about Georgia. But, knowing the state's history and prevailing political philosophy, it should come as no surprise.

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  1. Well you should not be terrified. You should stop and think for a minute, would it be better for a law abiding citizin to have a gun if a non-law abiding citizen decided to rob and kill everybody on your train? you're a sheep. law abiding citizens with guns are sheep dogs, non-law abiding citzens with guns are wolves. The sheep dog must protect the sheep, but the sheep resent the sheep do because he reminds them of the wolf. The wolf would like to harm the sheep, most of the sheep are just that, stupid sheep...don't be sheepdog hater.