Thursday, February 12, 2009

LIRR Riders: Clean Up Your Act

Newsday's report on the latest Long Island Rail Road customer satisfaction survey says in its headline "LIRR survey: Passengers slam bathroom cleanliness." Buried below in the story is the fact that riders gave the railroad an overall satisfaction score of 89 (out of 100) grading its on-time performance at 90 and giving conductors a mark of 95 for crew courtesy.

Now maybe Newsday's editors and reporters have an axe to grind against the LIRR, a perennial whipping boy and an institution not regarded favorably these days due to the disability pension scandal and pending 23 percent fare hike. But, Long Islanders, by nature, are a kvetchy bunch, and their antipathy toward the railroad may still be a holdover from 1950, the year more than 100 of their brethern were killed in two disastrous LIRR accidents.

If their beef is over the bathrooms, then what the railroad need to do is install better mirrors in them. That way the jerks complaining about them can see who is responsible for the sorry conditions, themselves. Afterall, it isn't the conductors who go in them, it is the commuters. Enough said.

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