Monday, January 12, 2009

One Way to Yankee Stadium? $1 Extra Please

With its overpriced baseball players, overpriced luxury boxes and overpriced beer, Yankee Stadium is a place where paying a premium seems to come naturally. Now Metro North will get into the act.

According to the Connecticut Post, tickets from stations on the Harlem and New Haven lines for rail travel to the new station that will serve the new Yankee Stadium, located in the South Bronx, will be $1 higher than a ticket for travel to Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. Tickets from Hudson Line stations will be the same as for travel to the end of the line. Fares are likely to go higher later this year as Metro North puts fare hikes into effect to help close the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's massive budget gap.

Even so, Metro North expects the new service to be a hit with Yankee fans. It anticipates hauling as many as 10,000 additional passengers on game day, which could take a bite out of traffic of the Major Deegan, Cross Bronx and Bruckner Expressways, as well as other roads that lead to the son of the House That Ruth Built.

Metro North's operating plan for weekday and night games calls for Harlem and New Haven line patrons to change trains at 125th Street for shuttle service back across the Harlem River to the Stadium. A spokeswoman said the railroad is trying to schedule express service to whisk fans from Connecticut back home after night games and to bring them directly to the Stadium for weekend games.

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