Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's Under La Hood?

California High Speed Rail Blog has been checking Rep. Ray La Hood's record on high-speed rail and doesn't like what it is finding about the Illinois Republican whom media reports says will be President-elect Obama's nominee for Secretary of Transportation.
"LaHood doesn't appear to have much of a record as a transportation expert - at least when Bush crossed the aisle for Norman Y. Mineta he got someone who knew the issues well. But the troubling thing is that what LaHood has said about HSR isn't encouraging."

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  1. This short analysis piece appearing in[url=] The Times[/url] suggests "there's nothing there" with regards to any transportation credentials.

    This selection simply appears to be the bipartisan chair; yes Sec. Gates is "staying on" at Defense, but if we continue to stabilize Iraq and can turn the corner in Afghanistan, he surely will move on (and I hope with heartfelt thanks from President Obama).