Monday, December 15, 2008

Economy Takes Toll on Acela

Trains for America reports after reporting record gains for FY 2008, Amtrak ridership fell 5.5 percent in November. The biggest culprit was the Acela Express, down 15 percent. Clearly, the recession is taking its toll on business travel.

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  1. Somehow, I think the Northeast, where lest we forget I grew up, is adding a few new words to the lexicon - restraint and austerity.

    I recently received this message from a friend who resides in the Wash DC area.

    Gil - Did my annual Christmas trip to New York last Friday. Macy's seemed full, but few had Macy's bags. At Citicorp (53rd and Lexington), they announced that this would be the last year for their big train layout - due to bank problems. Penn Station was a zoo as all Empire Service trains had been canceled. One girl was desperately trying to get to Rhinecliff, with Amtrak giving no info -I got out my Metro North schedule and told her to go to Grand Central for a train to Poughkeepsie - and wished her luck. I returned on 193 at 5:39 PM - as usual, expecting huge crowds for the Friday evening service, I sneaked down to the platform before it was announced. The deluge never
    occurred! The six car train was barely half full - just a few boarded at Newark - I remember that this train was standing room only and now there wasn't even a line at the snack car-------

    Somehow I think that many, who as recently as three months ago, who were queueing at Penn Station to board an Acela are now queueing at their unemployment office.