Saturday, December 27, 2008

California High-Speed Rail

I just finished viewing the California High-Speed Rail Authority's promotional video describing the project and its long-range benefits not only for long-distance intercity travel but also for short-distance travel, improving the state's overall rail network, promoting sustainable development and reducing California's carbon footprint. It is worth viewing because it sheds new perspective on the project.

Admittedly it was created to help build support for the bond initiative passed by the state's voters in November to fund the project. While some of us may take issue with projections used in the presentation, the vision it offers is realistic. California's population will continue to grow and its transportation infrastructure needs to keep pace with that growth. High-speed rail is a more cost effective and sustainable solution than adding more highways and runways

When the video is juxtaposed against the writings of right-wing columnist/blogger/talking head Michelle Malkin it becomes clear what the shortcomings of the conservative intelligentsia are. They are buoyed down by an ideology that forces them to make the case based on conditions as they are rather than look forward at what the future may look like and set a path for getting there.

I won't bother to go through Ms. Malkin's post point-by-point, but it starts out by falsely describing the project as a "high-speed rail line from Oakland to Los Angeles" and goes downhill from there.

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