Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Around the Blogosphere

CTA Tattler reports that the eponymous agency it covers is cracking down on what it calls "continous riders" -- passengers who ride to the end of a rail terminal and board another train going in the opposite direction. Critics say the action is targeted the homeless. It will also discourage transit enthusiasts looking to rack up mileage and cover a system as quickly and cheaply as possible.

In New York, I participate in an annual rail riding fest organized by one of the principals of the web site On Track On Line. These events have drawn railfans from as far away as San Diego. You'd be amazed at how far you can travel for $2, provided you don't mind seeing anything other than tunnels (until you get to the outer boroughs).

The Transport Politic has a different take on The New York Times editorial criticizing New Jersey's Lautenberg station that I wrote about yesterday.

California High Speed Rail Blog carries a report on Vice President-elect Joe Biden's call for investment in high-speed rail in a speech today to the National Governors Association.
"Even though he does not have a formal policy role (Biden) has an important role in shaping the debate over the place of rail in our country's economic and transportation policy."
Trains for America highlights an Albany Times Union interview with new Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman.

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