Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weyrich: Voters Will Pay Taxes for Good Transit

Paul M. Weyrich is a rare individual; a conservative thought leader who is also an advocate for mass transit and rail transit. In his column in the National Ledger, he delivers an important message for policy makers on both sides of the political spectrum:
"Let no one say that voters will refuse to tax themselves for good transit. If they doubt the will of the voters let them examine the votes of 2008."
Weyrich notes that in the November general election, voters across to country approved 70 percent of the transit-related ballot intitiatives up for a vote. Among them the California High-Speed Rail projects and major investments planned for Seattle and Los Angeles. The approved measures would add $75 billion in transit investment, according to the Center for Transportation Excellence.

Hopefully state and federal lawmakers trying to deal with agency budget gaps and other transit finance issues will note of Mr. Weyrich's message.

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