Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missouri Looks to Rebrand

The state of Missouri wants to come up with a new identity for the two trains that each day connect its largest cities, St. Louis and Kansas City. So it is conducting a contest with Amtrak to give the trains a new name.

Who can blame them? The current names lack sizzle. One is theAnn Rutledge, named for an old girlfriend of Abraham Lincoln who died before they could tie the knot. The other train is called the Mule; hardly an image to connote speed. Said MoDOT Railroads Administrator Rod Massman:
“We’re looking for something that reminds folks of Missouri’s great tradition of rail service, as well as the excitement and adventure of train travel. I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with.”
The timing is right, since Missouri has improvements in store intended to improve the trains' on-time performance. In addition, a new station will open shortly in St. Louis and the depot in Sedalia is being renovated.

Whatever they call it, it's good to see the commitment to passenger rail from a state that had been wavering for a while and whose services had suffered from neglect and a congested route.

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